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Mindfulness in Schools - as important as sport and as politically relevant as health

2020 Presidential Candidate - Congressman Tim Ryan


In 2013 Tim wrote the book A Mindful Nation, about bringing mindfulness into government and schools.

The THRIVE Framework for system change, an essential framework for communities who are supporting the mental health and wellbeing of children, young people and families.

Put mental and physical first aid on an equal footing

LORD RICHARD LAYARD, speaks on the issues: mindfulness, mentally healthy schools, wellbeing and Action for Happiness!

Link: Exploring What Matters: The Action for Happiness Course

BBC News:  Can mindfulness improve pupils' concentration?

So can mindfulness meditation really help pupils concentrate amid the distractions of 21st Century living? A group of BBC School Reporters from Connaught School for Girls in Leytonstone, east London, decided to investigate for the project's 10th annual News Day.

Mindful Nation UK Launched in Parliament, 20th October 2015

"encourage the flourishing and wellbeing of a healthy nation."


"Mindfulness is one of the most promising prevention strategies."


Education Secretary Nicky Morgan, one of three ministers at the launch, supported the creation of an education policy that acknowledged the long term importance of wellbeing.


She said: "I want to make it very clear that of course academic achievement is important, but so too is turning out well-balanced young people who are able to fulfil all of their potential. I'm not just on this stage [saying this] as Secretary for Education, but also as a mother and also somebody who has had family experience of mental ill health. It's really a no brainer for me."


The All-Party Group’s recommendations are practical, based on a summary of existing evidence for mindfulness:

Please write to your MP and urge them to look at the impressive evidence for mindfulness. Click here to follow these 3 easy steps:

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