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What does Modern Mindfulness Teach Students? 

The program teaches young people the skills of focus and relaxation in order to improve social, emotional, and academic learning.

  1. Focus helps with paying attention and following directions.
  2. Relaxation helps with calming ourselves, managing stress, controlling our behavior, and resolving conflicts.

In this program, we apply and develop the skills of focus and relaxation by learning techniques perfectly suited for the school environment, such as:

  1. Listening: hearing sounds around us (especially teachers or peers talking).
  2. Achievement: setting and accomplishing positive and realistic goals.


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How does the program work?

The Modern Mindfulness program was designed to allow teachers to feel confident teaching mindfulness right away. Upon completing the initial Implementation Training teachers receive access to our cutting edge software-assisted curriculum. The software-assisted curriculum allows teachers to learn alongside their students as they gain the skills to teach effectively without it.


The curriculum has two main functions:

  1. It provides daily mindfulness exercises and weekly videos for teachers and students to practice together. The exercises are audios that can be played through the speakers of a computer, tablet, or smart board. The software program is interactive, asking students questions about their experience and responding with positive feedback. The exercises end with a mindful message which helps to bridge the lesson and daily application of mindfulness. The videos inspire students and help them relate to mindfulness concepts through story telling. Both exercises and videos are approximately 5 minutes.
  2. It supports teachers to continue their learning with an online teacher training. The teacher training is divided into 10 chapters. Each chapter includes a short training video, a weekly assignment, reading from the manual, and a short quiz. Prior to introducing the exercise and video of the week to the students, the teacher completes a training chapter (approximately 20-30 minutes of coursework) and then applies their learning in the classroom. At the end of the 10 chapters, teachers can continue using the program or can transition to leading the mindfulness lesson without the software. Several teachers even go on to train their students to lead the lesson!


Link to the full details for this USA Program.