Learn Mindfulness

OK so you want to learn Mindfulness! This meditation practise has gained great popularity in the western world as a method to handle emotions and research has shown it to be beneficial in lowering blood pressure, decreasing anxiety, as well as improving numerous other physical and mental health conditions.


You need to consider your motivation! Are you learning so that you can teach or primarily for yourself? If intending to teach then you need to carfully consider the issue of certification. 


In this "Learn Mindfulness" pathway there are two options:




For a UK teacher we suggest your first visit should be here!



Just enter your postcode to search for a teacher practising in your area. If there are no courses or practitioners listed in your area, speak to your GP. 


- Other classroom courses (with geographic implications)




Otherwise you can learn mindfulness at your computer with Online courses.


- Learn Mindfulness Online




This pathfinder guide does not not recommend any particular course but is an aid to help you navigate through the options. If we have missed any UK resources please inform us. The Mindfulness Foundation does not endorse or recommend any products, processes or services and is not responsible for the content of any external websites except where specified.