Teacher Course Prerequisites

Mindfulness in Schools Project

If mindfulness is to become an established part of the education of children and young people, 
it is very important that the highest standards of professionalism and evidence-based integrity 
are maintained. We believe that this is in the interests of all those teaching mindfulness and 
the young people learning it.

Teach .b Teacher Certification Course Prerequisites


The prerequisites of the certification course are as follows:

A validated 8 week secular mindfulness course (e.g. MBSR / MBCT / Breathworks /  .b Foundation course). Exceptions to this may be made in cases where an applicant has a long-standing mindfulness practice in other contexts. However, even for long-standing mindfulness practitioners we recommend that they do an 8 week MBSR course so that they are familiar with the way in which mindfulness is taught on such a course. If 8 week courses are not available near you (e.g. for some overseas applicants), then an online mindfulness course such as bemindful online or emindful may be acceptable if you can demonstrate a well-established daily mindfulness practice.


At least 6 months of 30-45 minutes practice per day. The Insight Timer is an excellent mindfulness timer that keeps a log of your daily practice.


A 500 word written piece in response to ‘What have been the main themes and developments in your mindfulness practice over the last six months?’


Reading (Finding Peace in a Frantic World (Mark Williams) and eitherFull Catastrophe LivingorWherever You Go, There You Are (Jon Kabat-Zinn) 


In addition, we strongly recommend that you attend a mindfulness retreat of at least one week, which ideally would include a sustained period of silence.


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