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10th December 2013
Parliamentary Debate
Elizabeth Truss Under-Secretary of State for Education


I congratulate the hon. Member for Vale of Clwyd (Chris Ruane) on securing this debate. His speech, drawing on his experience as a teacher, was interesting and informative and he highlighted some worrying facts about the mental health of our children and young people. He painted a vivid picture of the age of anxiety in which we live, whether that is as a result of the constant pummelling of modern media such as . . .

22 November 2013
Fox 5 News Video on Mindfulness in the US
Laura Evans at FOX 5 News


Take a moment to practice mindfulness today. Why some say it could be the key to your success: Tara Brach, Congressman Tim Ryan,  Doro Bush . . .


Award-winning journalist Laura Evans has reported for FOX 5 News since 1999 and has received a number of honors and awards for her reporting.

13 November 2013
Pioneering Lee school uses mindfulness for pupils to beat stress and boost exams
News Shopper 


We began using mindfulness at Trinity after our first visit with pupils to Taize in 2010. The pupils who went commented that the most powerful moments of each day were the extended periods of silence in the worship. They asked us to help to introduce more silence at Trinity.

November 2013
White paper: Mindfulness and the corporate bottom line
Mental Workout 


In the past few years companies like Google, Facebook, UnitedHealth Group, Target, eBay, and General Mills began to introduce mindfulness to the workplace and then studied the results. This new white paper (available as PDF download) breaks new ground by summarizing the relevant research and making extensive recommendations for implementing a mindfulness initiative in a business environment.

Focus - See the 20 minute Video
Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence

Psychologist Daniel Goleman, author of the #1 international bestseller Emotional Intelligence, offers a groundbreaking look at today's scarcest resource and the secret to high performance and fulfillment: attention.


Goleman explains how those who rely on Smart Practices—mindfulness meditation, focused preparation and recovery, positive emotions and connections, and mental "prosthetics" that help them improve habits, add new skills, and sustain greatness—excel while others do not.

November 2013
4 Important Things About Mindfulness You Didn't Realize
Harvard Business Review


In our complex, fast-changing knowledge economy, the ability to manage one's thoughts and feelings is essential. Numerous studies, from the University of London Professor Frank Bond and others, show that emotional agility can help people alleviate stress, reduce errors, become more innovative and improve job performance.

25 October 2013
How Mindfulness Skills Help Children Flourish in School And in Life
Huffington Post 


Getting parents and teachers invested in the work, familiar with strategies that make behavior management more compassionate and respectful, and ultimately involved enough to remind the child of tools he has learned during difficult moments, is the ultimate goal.


What should educators know about yoga and mindfulness practices?

17 October 2013
A Classroom in the Now
Harvard Magazine 


"If you are going to be in an environment like a classroom, why not help [students] actually get into an alignment, calmness, clarity, and emotional regulation where they can be open to what is available for them? Then you create a community of learning."


"Self-distraction is at absolutely epidemic proportions—and it's not the iPhone . . .

14 Oct 2013
A Different Focus for School Reform: Supporting Teachers
The Garrison Institute


Teacher stress and burnout is a pervasive and growing problem in education today, with half of all new teachers leaving the profession in the first five years.


Training Teachers in mindfulness may help children, too. Based on a "pro-social classroom" model that posits a two-way relationship between teachers' sense of well-being . . .

10 October 2013
Mindfulness in Schools Project (UK) is featured in a new research round-up 
Greater Good Science Center in the U.S.

The last decade has seen a huge spike in secular applications of mindfulness, the practice of focusing our attention on our thoughts, feelings, and environment in the present moment. While the first wave of mindfulness-based programs were for adults, more recent efforts have targeted the well-being of children and adolescents; as a result, mindfulness programs in schools are becoming more and more widespread.

2 October 2013
Can Mindfulness Make Us Better Teachers?
The Garrison Institute


Imagine this: In the middle of a lesson, one of your students deliberately makes an offensive remark that causes the . . .

26 September 2013
Mindfulness in Third Word Schools
Zubin Sharma


Students at Koseli, which educates some of the most disadvantaged children in Kathmandu, have been learning and practicing meditation as part of their curriculum on mindfulness since February.

2013 USA Film
Room To Breathe 
This film provides a powerful glimpse of what is possible when mindfulness is offered in a skillful manner to our youth in their schools.

Philippe Goldin, Ph.D.
Department of Psychology, Research Scientist, Stanford University


... of the transformation struggling kids in a San Francisco public middle school go through after they are introduced to the practice of mindfulness meditation.

22 September 2013
Why Mindfulness is Needed For Education Innovation
Dr Lee-Anne Gray

Educators are beginning to agree on the need for attention training and emotional regulation as part of the curriculum. Mindful awareness practices fulfill this ... More

12 September 2013
How We Can Teach Our Children Mindfulness
Huffington Post


"Mindfulness is not hitting someone in the mouth." Those were the words of an 11-year-old boy who had just completed . . .

6 September 2013

Mindfulness Training Improves Attention in Children
British Psychological Society 

A short training course in mindfulness improves children's ability to ignore distractions and concentrate better. 

Benefits of Mindfulness

American Psychological Association


Looking at a wealth of research exploring the benefits of mindfulness practice for both clients and psychologists.

Empirically supported benefits of mindfulness
Reduced rumination - Stress reduction - Boosts to working memory - Focus - Less emotional reactivity . . .
Effect of meditation on therapists and therapist trainees
Empathy - Compassion - Counseling skills - Decreased stress and anxiety . . .

19 August 2013

IBM’s Department of Education

Next City


Interesting! Is this a dialectic opportunity for IBM synthesis with the Google ‘Search Inside Yourself’ initiative and ‘Mindfulness in Schools’.  The Company That Brought You Smarter Cities Moves Into Schools . . .

5 August 2013
Benefits of Mindfulness Practice Now Widely Recognized
More than 20 million Americans meditate regularly, according to the National Health Interview Survey. One of the most popular and beneficial styles of meditation is mindfulness practice, a nonreligious practice which uses simple, universal techniques.

1 August 2013

Mindful Magazine


Mindful Magazine is part of the USA Mindful Initiative with a leading website dedicated to the best of mindfulness-based practices and a community for growing the movement. is dedicated to giving voice, inspiration, guidance, and connection to all those who want to enjoy the proven benefits of mindfulness practices and to create a more mindful and caring society.

24 July 2013

How Yoga Might Save The US Trillions Of Dollars



. . . and, perhaps more importantly for our global health, for kids dealing with extreme stressors, traumas and abuse, putting these practices into schools could be the difference between failure and success.

17 July 2013

How mindfulness can help school children
The British Psychological Society

Professor Willem Kuyken from the University of Exeter - who led the research in association with the Mindfulness in Schools Project, the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge - said the findings are important "given that low-grade ...

5 July 2013


A brilliant new service for 11-17 year olds providing support, information and advice about mental health and emotional wellbeing.  

Funded by the DfE with a £1.52 million grant.


22 October 2014
The Independant
award-winning anti-bulling charity has gone into administration, leaving children in “despair” as its services were suspended. 

28 June 2013
School Mindfulness Programs May Reduce Stress -- And Make Teens Happier ...
Huffington Post


It's at the most stressful times of the school year -- like during exam periods -- that strategies to relieve academic pressure mean the most. And recent research is shedding light on an effective way for schools to help manage students' stress: mindfulness, a mental practice that aims to develop greater awareness of thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations.

The Hear & Now Project
The Social Life of Meditation


Imagine if we could explore and design new approaches that retained the authenticity and genuinely transformative power of the original but included the realities of our urban, digital and socially engaged lives? Talking About Meditation is a new series of microvideos which together will provide a simple and understandable introduction to mindfulness meditation.

27 June 2013

The Atlantic - How Meditation Works  


Mindfulness meditation is having a moment in
the West and with it some compelling reasons
to understand and try it.

24 June 2013
The Guardian - How to teach ... mindfulness


Teachers can find out more about Mind Space's meditation in schools project and seminars, and if you would like a speaker to come to your school to introduce mindfulness and the practice and technique of meditation to staff and students, get in touch.

21 June 2013

Meditation could help students to levitate their grades

The Times


Pupils at 12 secondary schools were taught “mindfulness”, a psychological technique to reduce stress, in the study led by Professor Willem Kuyken of the University of Exeter in association with researchers at Oxford and Cambridge and the Mindfulness in Schools Project.

21 May 2012

BMJ Open Medical Journal
Mindfulness online


A preliminary evaluation of the feasibility of a web-based mindfulness course and the impact on stress.


23 April 2012

Special Section on Mindfulness Training in Education and Child Development
Child Development Perspectives

This article draws on research in neuroscience, cognitive science, developmental psychology, and education, as well as scholarship from contemplative traditions concerning the cultivation of positive development, to highlight a set of mental skills and socioemotional dispositions that are central to the aims of education in the 21st century.

2 April 2013
President Obama unveiled the “BRAIN” Initiative

The White House, President Obama unveiled the “BRAIN” Initiative—a bold new research effort to revolutionize our understanding of the human mind and uncover new ways to treat, prevent, and cure brain disorders like Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia, autism, epilepsy, and traumatic brain injury.

The BRAIN Initiative — short for Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies — builds on the President’s State of the Union call for historic investments in research and development to fuel the innovation, job creation, and economic growth that together create a thriving middle class.

27 March 2013

BBC Video - Teacher says relax

Duration: 6 minutes


Some scientists suggest that a brain training technique called mindfulness could help teenagers manage stress. The BBC’s Education Correspondent Luke Walton has been to a school in Kent to find out how it works. 


Alison Abbott, an assistant head teacher and Professor Willem Kuyken, discuss whether they need lessons in relaxation.

27 March 2013
A Mindful Nation by Congressman Tim Ryan
How a Simple Practice Can Help Us Reduce Stress, Improve Performance, and Recapture the American Spirit

 In one of the most optimistic books to come out of Washington during these trying times, Congressman Tim Ryan presents us with an inspiring and hopeful view of the future of all nations - and a roadmap for how to get there. Around the world, people are feeling squeezed, exhausted and running faster and faster while falling farther behind.


See the excellent, inspiring and pragmatic Video here!

27 March 2013
Mindfulness in Schools Conference 2013 - Highlights
Friends House


Thank you to the nearly 700 attendees who joined us for this 3rd Mindfulness in Schools Conference in London. We are especially grateful for Jon Kabat-Zinn’s generous contribution of time as he shared his inspiring vision for mindfulness in education. It was wonderful to hear teachers’ and students’ experiences with the .b programmes in the classroom, the research base, and the political context.

3 January 2012
Mindfulness on BBC Breakfast
Duration 12 Minutes


David Sillito tried mindfulness meditation and talks about his experience and an interview with Dr Danny Penman.