16 September 2014

State of Global Wellbeing


As part of their ongoing partnership in innovation, global well-being improvement leader Healthways (NASDAQ: HWAY) and world-leading management consulting firm Gallup have released their inaugural analysis of the state of global well-being.


More than 133,000 surveys in 135 countries or other areas led to the new report, entitled, “State of Global Well-Being: Results of the Gallup-Healthways Global Well-Being Index,” which outlines the growing importance of well-being as an indicator of societies’ prosperity and progress, compares countries across five key elements of well-being, and offers strategies for population-based well-being improvement.


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11 February 2015
APPG meeting on Gross National Happiness in Practice
Anna Drescher - The Mindfulness Foundation


Money can’t buy you happiness


Over the last few years, the discussion about measuring the wellbeing of our country has taken on a new importance. It is no longer satisfactory to purely measure Gross Domestic Product (GDP), as this does not give an indication of the actual wellbeing of the population. In 2011, the Office of National Statistics launched a comprehensive programme to measure national wellbeing covering health, education and skills, what we do, where we live, our relationships, the economy and governance, the environment and our subjective wellbeing(1). The results are published every year in their ‘Life in the UK’ report, which can be found online.  Click here to read the full meeting report.

January 2012
The Economics of Wellbeing
Harvard Business Review


Money isn’t everything. But for measuring national success, it has long been pretty much the only thing (other than, of course, sports). The specific metric that has prevailed since World War II is the dollar value of a country’s economic output, expressed first as gross national product, later as gross domestic product. This is an improvement over ranking by military victories—the most time-honored gauge. And the era of GNP and GDP has been characterized by a huge global rise in living standards and in wealth.

22 October 2008
Mental capital and wellbeing: making the most of ourselves in the 21st century
Government Office for Science 


This project considered how to achieve the best possible mental development and mental wellbeing for everyone in the UK in the future.

The aim of the project was to:

  • identify opportunities and challenges facing the UK over the next 20 years and beyond, and the implications for everyone’s mental development and mental wellbeing
  • suggest what government, individuals and businesses can do to meet the challenges ahead.