Watson Health

11 May 2015
IBM's Watson Partners with Talkspace to Assist in Picking A Therapist


To improve the delivery of mental health treatment, Talkspace's integration of the Personality Insights API will enable therapists with verbal cues from conversations to make more informed decisions about each user's personality, thinking style and emotional stress to connect them with the best therapist to provide treatment. Watson's natural language processing, hypothesis generation, and evidence-based learning capabilities allow it to function as an "assistant therapist" for Talkspace—one that can improve itself with each new correspondence.

11 May 2015
Watson Health - Six new initiatives
Mobi Health News


Since IBM launched its Watson Health business unit last month, the company has been busy, announcing a flurry of partnerships and deployments of its cognitive computing software in different sectors of the healthcare industry. Most of these announcements came out at the World of Watson symposium the company recently held in New York City. Here’s a roundup.

3 May 2015
Ginni Rometty on Watson: He never stops learning
Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder Meeting

13 April 2015
IBM Announces Watson Health
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To dramatically advance the quality and effectiveness of personal healthcare, IBM is establishing a Watson Health Cloud that will provide a secure and open platform for physicians, researchers, insurers and companies focused on health and wellness solutions. The HIPAA-enabled Watson Health Cloud will enable secure access to individualized insights and a more complete picture of the many factors that can affect people's health.