The Mindfulness Foundation has created a Grassroots Campaign to Make Mindfulness Education Available to all 9 Million UK School Children by 2022

Let's get our kids off the hamster wheel. So says The Mindfulness in Schools Campaign. The goal of the campaign is to influence decision makers to include social and emotional development in the learning process.


Not a new idea for researchers of human development, but certainly a new idea for current academic structures.


The campaign was launched in January by The Mindfulness Foundation who's primary goal is to incorporate mindfulness education as part of a national curriculum.


One would think mindfulness would be a difficult task for fidgety children, but early research is showing positive results. By training children in the art of concentration and self awareness not only are they happier but also reaching greater learning achievements.


Mindfulness teaches children to live in the present moment and by doing so, it reduces worry and anxiety; it enables the child to react on a more intuitive level. The child responds with greater creativity along with the ability to meet new challenges head on. Then end result is a healthy well balanced child.


The Mindfulness Foundation has launched a grassroots campaign to raise national awareness and funds for mindfulness education. The Foundation wants to make mindfulness training available to the 9 million students currently enrolled in UK schools. The Mindfulness Foundation is asking all advocates and supporters to join the campaign.






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