Mindfulness Teacher Training

Problem: To implement mindfulness education in UK schools, we will need the support of UK teachers who will either be working with mindfulness instructors or able to become specialized teachers themselves. Teachers face challenges in their classrooms, and according to an article in The Gaurdian, "nearly half of all newly qualified teachers leave the profession within five years." Mindfulness education has been successful in improving the classroom environment supporting both students and teachers emotionally and mentally according to an article by the Garrison Institute. As a community, the UK needs to support its teachers so that they can continue to provide safe, nurturing environments for children to learn in, thereby, leading following generations into a positive future.

Solution: The Mindfulness Foundation is collaborating with vendors of mindfulness classes and of innovative mobile and social technology to empower individuals to lead happier, more fulfilling lives. By connecting these vendors with educational institutions for teachers, the Mindfulness Foundation aims to make mindfulness education more available and affordable to UK educators. Check out our teacher resources here.

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