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A meeting with Edward Davey MP was held on 29 March 2014. Discussions included the appointment of Lorely Burt MP as the Liberal Democrat Chair of the newly formed Mindfulness APPG and Schools Minister David Laws statement on Mindfulness in Schools on 12 March 2014. Edward Davey agreed to write about Mindfulness in Schools and the letter can be seen here of the reply from the Rt Hon Michael MP, Secretary of State for Education.


A meeting with Professor Julius Weinberg, Vice-Chancellor Kingston University was held on 13 March 2014 that has led to ongoing discussions with Professor Jan Fook PhD AcSS, Director of Research School of Education. 


The potential for a Kingston Mindfulness Group was raised and the recomendation was that three organisations should be involved. Achieving for Children (AfC) a joint venture with Richmond Council that will deliver integrated, high-quality services for children across both boroughs under the leadership of a joint Director of Children’s Services along with Kingston Clinical Commissioning Group and Kingston Health and Well-being Board.

On 5th October 2013 The Mindfulness Foundation met with Edward Davey MP and requested a breakdown of government Mindfulness expenditure for the following four areas over the last budget period:

Department for Education
Mindfulness Research Expenditure and Mindfulness Implementation Expenditure including Grants (MindFull part of The BB Group) 

National Health Service
Mindfulness Research Expenditure and Mindfulness Implementation Expenditure including Grants (CBT, MBCT, MBSR etc)
On 18th May 2013 The Mindfulness Foundation and Oliver Bowers met Edward Davey MP to discuss the steps required to get 'Mindfulness in Schools' onto the political agenda. One requirement is scientific validation of the value of Mindfulness in Schools.
Richard Burnett co-Founder of the Mindfulness in Schools Project has writen a paper considering how mindfulness is best taught in schools. As a discipline, mindfulness dovetails very neatly with the increased emphasis in schools on the social and emotional aspects of learning
  • The government, like most of us, wants children to Be Healthy
  • It is a stated national objective to teach children skills that will reduce “specific mental and emotional health problems such as depression and anxiety”
These are problems which mindfulness has tackled in the adult world with ‘spectacular success.’

Chris Ruane a Member of Parliament from Wales is a man with a mission when it comes to meditation.  He is determined to get mindfulness practice onto the political agenda, and has tabled over 100 Parliamentary Questions on the subject, set up a group on Mindfulness and Wellbeing, and secured a Parliamentary debate on mindfulness techniques and unemployment. Chris has also been bringing leading mindfulness teachers like Jon Kabat-Zinn and Professor Mark Williams into the Houses of Parliament to give politicians a taste of what it’s all about.