It’s a particularly important year to talk to your MEPs. They’ll be debating important issues over the next few months, including new targets to replace the Millennium Development Goals in 2015.


The Mindfulness Foundation calls for a goal of Mindfulness in Schools in the post-2015 development framework. It’s our time to get Mindfulness for all School Children on the agenda. Part of your MEPs' role is to hold EU institutions to account, and they represent you when they do so. Please take a moment to write to your new MEPs welcoming them to the job – and asking them to be a champion for Mindfulness for all School Children.


Your MEPs represent you - make your voice heard and email your MEPs now.


Thank you so much for your support.


Best wishes


Beth Ann Nyssen

Mindfulness Foundation Campaigns


First, go to this page and enter your UK Postcode then scroll down to Your MEPs

You can choose which of your MEPs to send it to or simply send it to or all of them. We've suggested the following message but please feel free to personalise it.


Letter to MEP


I am writing to welcome you to office as an MEP for my region and to ask you to use the next five years as an opportunity to champion Mindfulness for all School Children in the EU.


Apart from the obvious benefits for individuals, good mental health is increasingly important for economic growth and social development in Europe. All of these are key EU policy goals. The 2013 EU 3-year initiative on Mental Health and Well-being aims at building a framework for action in mental health policy at the European level. Involving 50 partners representing 27 EU Member States and Associated Countries and 12 European organizations, the Joint Action focuses on the promotion of mental health at the workplace and schools, development of actions against depression and suicide and implementation of e-health approaches, developing community-based and socially inclusive mental health care for people with severe mental disorders, and promoting the integration of mental health in all policies.


The UK is a leader in this field with the new All-Party Parliamentary Group on Mindfulness and the July publication of “The pursuit of happiness: a new ambition for our mental health”. A major recommendation is “That the national curriculum should include the requirement to teach children and young people how to look after their mental health and build emotional resilience through approaches such as mindfulness”.


Please join me in supporting The Mindfulness Foundations’ call for a goal of Mindfulness in Schools in the post-2015 development framework as MEPs debate the EU position this year. Please also stand up for those people living without this basic need and human right by calling on the European Commission to support efforts in partner countries to improve access to Mental Health and Well-being support.


Many thanks for your time.