Policy: Where the parties stand on Wellbeing

Labour - 2 mentions in 86 pages Manifesto 2015
We will increase the proportion of the mental health budget that is spent on children, and make sure that teachers have training so they can identify problems early and link children up with support. To support young people’s health and wellbeing, we will encourage the development of social and emotional skills, for example through the use of mindfulness to build resilience. And we will set out a strategy with the goal of ensuring that the great majority of patients can access talking therapies within 28 days, and that all children who need it can access school based counselling.


As a result of this Government’s failures, the commitment to ending child poverty by 2020 is very unlikely to be met. However, we will never forget how important a decent basic income is to a child’s prospects and wellbeing. That is why we will keep the child poverty targets, and ask the Office for Budget Responsibility to monitor and report on progress.


Conservative - 0 mentions in 83 pages Manifesto 2015


Liberal Democrats - 16 mentions in 158 pages Manifesto 2015

Publish a national wellbeing strategy which puts better health and wellbeing for all at the heart of government policy. This includes promoting better public health policy to benefit mental as well as physical health, such as access to the natural environment.


As part of this strategy, we will develop a clear approach on preventing mental ill health, with a public health campaign promoting the steps people can take to improve their own mental health - the wellbeing equivalent of the “Five a Day” campaign for healthy eating.


Support the development of good practice among employers in promoting wellbeing and ensure people with mental health problems get the help they need to stay in their jobs or to find work . . .