Mindfulness APPG Education Roundtable

All Party Parliamentary Group to study the benefits of bringing mindfulness into public policy

Following growing scientific evidence on the use of mindfulness to combat depression, stress and improve wellbeing, the group will run a nine month inquiry into the potential role mindfulness could play in areas of public policy such as health, education and criminal justice.


Over the past year, a series of mindfulness courses have been delivered in Parliament and over 70 parliamentarians and staff have enrolled on the courses. Chris Ruane MP (Labour), Tracey Crouch MP (Conservative) and Lorely Burt MP (Liberal Democrat) are co-chairs.


The Mindfulness Initiative is helping the Mindfulness All Party Parliamentary Group conduct an inquiry into how mindfulness could be incorporated into UK services and institutions. This will result in publication of the Mindful Nation UK report in 2015. We are working with government ministers, opinion-formers and employers to explain the evidence and develop appropriate mindfulness programmes. Mindful Nation UK Events.


The Mindfulness Initiative is supported by the four mindfulness training and research centres in OxfordExeterBangor and Sussex. Its patrons are Jon Kabat-Zinn and Ruby Wax. The advisory group and team of associates includes leading practitioners, researchers and policy experts. More on who we are.



Meeting of the Mindfulness APPG Education Roundtable


On 19th November 2014


Department for Education, Lecture Room


Sanctuary Buildings


at 16:30 – 18:00 PM






Mindfulness Vision


Chris Ruane MP (10 minutes)


Introductions and areas to explore today – Madeleine Bunting (3 minutes)




  • Mindfulness and current best  practice in education
  • Discussion on scalability whilst retaining quality and integrity
  • Implications for practice and policy




A short mindfulness practice


Chris Cullen (3 minutes)


An example of implementation 


Amanda Bailey - COO Bright Futures Educational Trust (5 minutes)


Opportunities for the scalability of mindfulness in schools


Richard Burnett (co-founder Mindfulness in Schools Project)(5 minutes)


The evidence base for mindfulness in education 


Professor Katherine Weare (Emeritus Professor at University of Exeter) (5 minutes)


Mindfulness and policy in the context of mental health


Paul Burstow MP (Chair of the Centre Forum Mental Health Commission)  




Fergus Crow (Director of Partnerships NCB) – (5 minutes)




Group discussion around questions


What does best mindfulness practice look like in schools?


What follows in trying to create this at scale both in terms of practice and policy?




  • How does mindfulness win the battle for curriculum time?
  • How does the maintained and academies schools sector gain confidence to increase uptake?




Plenary, summing up, next steps– Fergus Crow / Madeleine Bunting  (10 minutes)