"Mindfulness in Schools - as important as sport and as
politically relevant as health"

6 May 2015
Will mindfulness lessons help to calm my children?
The Telegraph


I am blown away by the simplicity and variety of the exercises. It seems almost too obvious to state that if you breathe properly you calm down, and slowly appreciating food or your feelings will enhance and de-stress your life. But it is making such a difference to those schoolchildren lucky enough to have sessions that there is a strong argument for it to be offered nationwide . . .

24 March 2015
APPG Wellbeing Economics - Hustings Event
Kanchan Desai – The Mindfulness Foundation


On Tuesday, 24th March, a hustings event was held at Westminster by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Wellbeing Economics, chaired by former Cabinet Secretary  Lord Gus O’Donnell and hosted by Baroness Claire Tyler . . . See the full report here.

Please write to your MP and urge them to look at the impressive evidence for mindfulness and incorporate the interim report recommendations into their parties manifesto ahead of the general election this year. Click here to follow these 3 easy steps:

The Mindfulness Foundation 2015 Manifesto The Mindfulness Foundation 2015 Manifesto


The Mindfulness Foundation 2015 Manifesto requests that these three policies are implemented for children to thrive and reduce the £100 billion annual costs of Mental Health problems . . . Link

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