"Mindfulness in Schools - as important as sport and as
politically relevant as health"

Oxford Mindfulness Centre
MyRIAD: Evaluating mindfulness training routes for school teachers


Join this project looking to recruit school teachers who are genuinely interested in learning about, and training in, mindfulness to take part in a study that will compare 4 different teacher training routes.

The research programme, funded by the Wellcome Trust, aims to establish the best way to train teachers to deliver a mindfulness curriculum and examine the effectiveness of teaching it in a large-scale, randomised-controlled trial in schools.

Leaflet on how to apply.

17 June 2015
A New Way Forward
Mental Health Foundation


It is time to change the model and to move spending upstream to prevent problems occurring. Mental health problems cost the UK economy an estimated £70- 100 billion each year. Mental health services are overstretched, waiting times are too long and some areas lack specialist services. Yet public spending is focused almost entirely on coping with crisis, with only insignificant investment in prevention. At the same time the human costs of mental health problems grow unabated.


Can we prevent mental health problems? Of course ... the evidence is incontrovertible.
Dr David Kingdon, Professor of Health Care Delivery

Please write to your MP and urge them to look at the impressive evidence for mindfulness. Click here to follow these 3 easy steps:

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Join us to make Mindfulness in School available to all UK School children. Thousands of us know that our education system needs fundamental changes.

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